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The Full Story

It’s a match!

Comfortable and high-quality lingerie for every body type.

Created by women for women. 

“Sorry, we don’t have your size” 


Every time she gained or lost weight, Heli Kools (Founder) felt like replacing her entire lingerie collection. Nothing felt comfortable or seemed ‘right’. Unfortunately, the stores she tried offered only standard sizes – nothing in-between, suitable for the average Indian woman.


​Everything was always ‘too’ – too much, too little;  too small, too big; too loose or too tight. 


It was time for a revolution.

Speaking to other women, Heli realised that there was a common problem. She decided to take action and create her own clothing label – to cater for the needs of real Indian women. 


A few years later, Heli along with her mother and sister launched her female-owned brand of inclusive lingerie – producing comfortable and skin-friendly underwear for women of all sizes.

Innovative blended fabrics

To develop skin-friendly products, Intimate Queen does not use chlorine bleach or dyes – all fabrics are lab tested, 100% breathable, Anti-bacterial, cruelty-free, and rash-free. The feather-like touch of the extra soft plant fiber blended yarn stretches between sizes, to fit your body perfectly. 

Cotton Threads
Hands on Stomach

Ideal for everybody

The health and empowerment of women is Intimate Queen’s top priority. Our mission is to create skin-friendly underwear that provides the ultimate comfort and confidence for women of all sizes. To make you feel liberated, included, and feel free to be yourself, always. Find your perfect match!

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