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Underwear that fits perfectly, always!

We are an innovative women’s intimate wear brand that puts women's agenda first. We believe that inner wears are our second skin. That’s why we have designed our body adaptive intimates with certified skin-friendly plant-based fibers, enriched with vitamins and materials that will not harm your skin, and are 100% breathable and antibacterial.


100% Women based business

Social Good

Tree Plantation

Vision: To include and empower all women by improving their daily life comfort, spreading health and eco-awareness, and developing innovative and breathable underwear and apparel.

Mission: To provide comfortable inner wear and apparel that appeal to women of all sizes by developing innovative solutions, using breathable plant fibres, to help achieve ultimate comfort and optimise skin health.

We are a 100% Women owned brand who are making a difference in the world and contributing to planet's health in some way!


Your body may change, but your underwear will adapt - seamlessly. Our products are tailor-made for a specific weight range so that it fits across and in-between S, M, L sizes. If you weigh between 40 kgs to 75 kgs you will surely find the pair that feels like a second skin with added benefits of plant fibers and vitamins in each product. One Size that fits many body types i.e. across  S, M, L, and in-between sizes. Happiness for all Bottom Heavy Queens.


Industry leaders in intimates

Our underwear & Bra products are designed with cutting-edge technology, making them airy, and super lightweight. These innovative underwear and bras represent a step forward in the innerwear industry.

India's first Super Soft and One Size Undies & Bra with plant fibre-based goodness!

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These are India's first underwear and bras that feature the goodness of plant-based fiber in the gusset lining and are made of body adaptive innovative fabric that fits across and in-between S, M, L sizes.

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