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Which is the right underwear for your teen girl? An essential guide

For the teens in India, being aware and responsible is the new cool, be it being vocal about climate change, shopping for organic alternatives, or leading a healthy life. They have become more conscious about their choices and want to invest in only what’s good for their bodies and the planet.

One of the major issues teenagers deal with is their changing body. During puberty, our bodies go through various fluctuations affecting us both, mentally and physically. In such cases, buying new garments, specially intimate wear, can be a tough decision. There are many nitty-gritty to look after.

So how to ensure that you are buying the right one is one of the most vital decisions you make once/twice a year. Now your daughter also has a say in it, so you make sure of all the nitty-gritty of buying the right one.

4 factors to look for when buying the perfect pair of panties

Natural fabrics, plant-based fibres, comfortable threads, flexible design, odourless, and anti-bacterial. All these are a must-have for your daughter's intimate hygiene. Of course, you will say, are regular underwear not at this par? We must tell you they are fine.

But your daughter’s teen body experiences constant change at this stage such as difference in body odour, hormone level fluctuations, increase/decrease in body weight, beginning of menstruation cycle etc. At this stage, your junior is more vulnerable to Instagram-worthy bods (bodies).

You need to look beyond the regulars. Lay your eyes on Vitamin infused underwear which has:

1. Natural Fabrics

These are the healthiest fabrics of all to manufacture intimate garments from. They provide breathability and prevent moisture. Natural fabrics are cotton, hemp, silk, etc. The gusset line must be made out of cotton and its natural alternatives. Most daily underwear uses these fabrics to make the product airy, breathable, and healthy. However, a few cases where people buy synthetic-fibre-made undies due to their smoothness and style quotient. You must restrict your kids' wardrobe to natural fabrics but assemble playful pairs. This will keep them fresh and more comfortable.

2. Plant-based Gusset Line

A gusset is a triangular-shaped fabric that sits in the crotch area. Teens' vaginas and vulva region increase in size along with the occurrence of pubic hair and discharge when girls hit puberty. They will also start experiencing their first period during this time. Body weight fluctuations are inevitable. But the changes are not limited to physical fluctuations but mental, social, and emotional changes.

But what is important is to have a healthy nether region to avoid bacterial infections. Some underwear brands have opted to infuse plant-based fibres with traditional cotton to benefit from minerals and vitamins. Intimate Queen's plant-based range of undies includes lemon trees, rich in vitamin C, yew trees, and corn plant fibres in the gusset area. It keeps the moisture away, feels light, prevents bacterial growth, and hence proves to balance pH value.

3. Ultra-soft

Eventually, your girl deserves to feel super comfy in their undergarments, be it bra or underwear. The threads used in stitching must be soft to avoid rashes or friction. Select the pair of underwear that she is comfortable with. Fabrics like cotton, taxol, antimicrobial cotton, and others are meant to be smooth without causing any irritation. These fabrics are flexible and seamless to make them super-comfy.

4. Anti-bacterial

Soft weaves and natural threads make the gusset area moisture resistant/wicking. It is a functional design to prevent the vagina from bacteria. It enhances protection from infection, irritation, and friction.

Consider body-weight fluctuations while making a decision

Body weight is directly proportional to confidence, particularly at this age and in the filters-loving era. It is not sad but reasonable to feel uncomfortable with all the body changes. Body weight fluctuations also come with buying clothes frequently.

There are many innovations and solutions for this problem, and the feasible one is one-size-fits-many. Once you buy one-sized clothes, you don't need to worry about body weight. They will be perfect even if you lose or gain 5-10 kgs. Your teen would love to have Intimate Queen's one-size undies.

Do you feel natural and plant-based alternatives to regular undies can be expensive?

Well, here is the good news. First, buying natural underwear or garments costs way less than buying frequently and ends up with less used clothes in the wardrobe. Second, many brands come with accessible solutions. It is the first time in India such a solution is available at an affordable price range.

The right underwear will not cost you much and make your girl all comfy

Shop online or offline, our brand or any other, but consider naturals over synthetics, one-size over rigid sizes, and cost-effective solutions. Don't forget to discuss it with your girl before purchasing.

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