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Nah, not your regular underwear

Intimate queen is all about the cute mix-up of natural and innovative fibres and vitamins derived from nature.

It's the perfect combination of technology, science, and nature to provide you with the most comfortable pair of underwear and bra.

Plant Shadow

Vitamin Rich Undies

Designed keeping women's body in mind!

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Vitamin Rich Undies & Bras

Changing size game of your everyday lingerie!

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One size fits many versions of you / Flexible-fit undies

Who will not agree that the most annoying thing besides buying the wrong size is the right size undies becoming loose or tight over time? 


Did you know that every pair of underwear

you wear gets wasted due to fluctuations

in your body? You can minimise the wastage and also the trouble of compromising on your perfect fit.


We proudly introduce our range of super-soft, stretchable and sustainable underwear that will fit you perfectly after months of buying them.


Mindfully produced, Intimate Queen’s flexible-fit lingerie is what every woman needs.


Redesigned For Everyday Comfort.

Freedom Of Movement.

The ultra-soft and stretchy fabrics change their position with you, giving you freedom of movement and making the wearing experience smooth and comfortable. Whether you are lifting heavy in the gym, doing your asanas, running after kids, or at a night party – you can now be confident in any situation

by being comfortable.

Not Friends With Bacterias

Low moisture; Lower chances of bacterial growth. 

Blended corn fiber & cotton in the gusset line of our undies protects bacterial growth. We achieved this by maintaining the pH balance of fabrics.


Infused With Vitamins.

Plant-based raw materials are other than cotton. 

Our sustainable undies are primarily created of corn, lemon, and yew tree fibres without compromising on comfort and size. The plant-based underwear is 100 % breathable, reduces unpleasant scents, makes you feel airy, and is super light.


Lab-tested & Certified

Authentic, real, and truthful. 

Our products are lab tested and certified, meeting the highest international regulations and standards (Oeko-tex 100, GOTS). The anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties of our underwear, rich in vitamins, safeguard your body's harmony and natural rhythm and keep you confident and healthy every day.


There’s No Queendom Without Mother Earth.

Currently, our undergarments are made of fibres that are beneficial to both the planet & economy. We are on a path to use 100% recycled, responsible, and renewal materials to be more accountable towards our mother earth.

Vitamin Rich Undies, First-Ever Introduced In India.

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